About Us

History and experience

Cryosite were the pioneers for private cord blood storage in Australia and we have been trusted to store cord blood stem cell/tissue samples for more than 18 years.

Cryosite stores samples for over 18,000 babies.

You have placed your trust in our company to safely store your precious cord blood samples over the years. We will continue to monitor and keep your samples secure in case you ever need to access them for a stem cell treatment or transplant.

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We value your trust


In order for stored cord blood to be released and used as a medical treatment in Australia, it first must pass viability testing performed by an external laboratory. Over the years, Cryosite has released multiple viable cord blood units that have been used as medical treatments, providing you with reassurance that our processing and storage conditions are professional, reliable and of high quality.

Company profile


Cryosite was first established in 2001 and is 100% Australian owned. Cryosite Limited, ABN 86 090 919 476, is an independent public listed company registered on the main board of the Australian Stock Exchange with the code CTE.


Our leaders are committed to upholding our high level of professionalism – our Management team ensures our operations are gold standard and the Cryosite board of directors provides corporate governance oversight.


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Cryosite also operates a clinical trials logistic business and a biorepository sample storage facility. We are committed to supporting health care and medical research in Australia.


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We are dedicated to quality

Our team

Our Cryosite team include highly experienced and qualified scientists who are dedicated to keeping your precious cord blood samples secure.

Storage facility + safety

Cryosite offers you a professional storage facility that uses state of the art equipment in a safe and secure environment.

Take a virtual tour of our facility to view the cryogenic tanks where your samples are stored.

Tour our facility

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Insuring for tomorrow’s opportunities

Licences held


  • Cryosite is licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia.
  • Cryosite is audited regularly to ensure our storage facilities meet TGA standards.
  • Cryosite complies with the Foundation of Accredited Cellular Therapies standards (FACT/Netcord).


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We maintain our licenses and standards to ensure your samples are safe and secure.


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